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Dedicated to protecting fishing cats and their globally important mangrove habitat through community-based research and conservation

Our Mission

To empower communities to help protect fishing cats and restore their globally important mangrove habitat


We're a growing, global non-profit organization focused on supporting + creating conservation-based livelihoods such as monitoring fishing cats and protecting/restoring mangrove forests in people's own lands.

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Threats to Fishing Cats

Habitat loss due to agriculture and aquaculture

Limited research and awareness (local and global)

Hunting, poaching, and illegal trade

The Fishing Cat

Fishing cats are native to wetlands, rivers, and mangrove forests in South and Southeast Asia. They prey primarily on fish and crustaceans. Like many other rare species, not much is known about fishing cats in the wild. 


They are threatened by habitat destruction, poaching, and a lack of awareness throughout much of their range. Mangroves, which are prime habitat for fishing cats, provide local people with nurseries for fish and protect entire communities from storm surges.

However, many mangroves where fishing cats live are quickly being lost to deforestation and aquaculture. We are educating and empowering local communities to study, protect and restore habitat for this vulnerable cat and its globally important mangrove habitat in their backyards.

© Photo credit: Christina Kolbmann


Coastal Mangroves

An estimated 50-80% of the historic coastal mangrove cover in South and Southeast Asia has been lost due to human demands. Protecting the remaining mangrove areas is vital for the human and animal communities they sustain and protect. 

Are natural wave breakers that protect both wildlife and humans from soil erosion and natural disasters like tsunamis

Provide vital habitat for wildlife and fish, including many endangered species

Provide for a direct source of food and fuel as a means of livelihood for many local people and tribal communities

Sequester up to five times more carbon than tropical forests and help mitigate negative impacts of climate change.


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There are many ways you can support our conservation work!

Mangrove Crabs Project

Our latest and alternative livelihood project to help protect fishing cats and their globally important mangrove habitat in coastal South India. Deforestation and aquaculture threaten mangrove forests and several vulnerable species that inhabit them, primarily fishing cats and smooth-coated otters. We work to conserve these mangroves by providing human communities with alternative livelihoods such as introducing the sustainable harvest of mangrove mud crabs.

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