Working to protect and restore earth’s most valuable ecosystems



It all starts with your contribution. You invest in FishCat as a donor and philanthropist



We partner with landowners and farmers who can make their land habitat for endangered species



We build trust and set up agreement contracts with land partners to incentivize restoration for 3-5 years



Together, we create conservation-based livelihoods that ensure ecological and economic sustainability

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Our Goal

Is to restore ecosystems with landowners and farmers willing to reforest their own lands and lead sustainable, carbon-negative livelihoods.

We’re now creating FishCat Nature Reserves for sustainability — our first one comprises 2 acres of aquaculture land being restored to mangroves, and 30 acres of a coastal ecosystem being protected

Nature Reserves
Ramakrishna — one of our land and mangrove crab farmer partners

Land Partnerships

We’ve secured 700+ acres of land partnerships in India, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

We’ve set up partner contracts with 2 farmers who are now working to reforest their own lands and pursue conservation as a livelihood

Land Partnerships
Appa Swamy and his Father with James from the Big Cat Sanctuary

Relationships for Life

At FishCat, we’ve been able to create more than 16 jobs in conservation that lasted for at least 2 years on average since we were founded in 2014.

As our investor, we want to get you in touch with everyone who we partner with, from farmer and forester to friend, for life.

Invest In FishCat
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Experience Earth Camp

Become one of our top investors, and get invited to our global Earth Camp expeditions — experience conservation in action and explore local cuisines + culture on your adopted nature reserve

Wear ReShirt

Invest with our ReMerch — concept reforestation merchandise where each campaign is unique and links to the partner lands we are working to restore and turn into nature reserves.

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Ways you can get involved

Your investment is a philanthropic contribution to further our mission, and we would love to keep you updated on our progress.

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